To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, on Sunday May 5, 2024 at 12:00pm EST, PARANOID is dropping a FREE limited-edition capsule collection created in collaboration with Espolòn - an award-winning premium tequila that embodies the spirit of Mexico.

The PARANOID x Espolon tequila collection consists of a range of limited-edition hoodies, long-sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts and unstructured snapback hats inspired by traditional Mexican culture and Toronto street culture. 

On Cinco de Mayo (May 5), a limited quantity of the PARANOID x Espolon capsule collection will be available.

To claim your FREE piece from the collection visit the Cinco de Mayo Streetwear drop page and register in advance to be reminded when the capsule drops.

In addition to the online drop, a selection of the capsules will be available at the PARANOID store on May 5th on a first come first serve basis. 

To develop the collection, Espolon invited Caleb and Matt, the founders of PARANOID, for a trip to Mexico City to explore street art, incredible food, a Lucha Libre fight and an overall sensory overload.

The legacy of one of Mexico’s famous artists, Jose G. Posada - the inspiration behind Espolon Tequila bottle design – still permeates the streets of Mexico and is a significant influence on the urban culture of modern Mexico. Visiting the Posada Museum in Aguascalientes and trying a hand at his signature art, lithography, inspired PARANOID to create a final collection of designs with a modern take on an artistic style popularized by José Guadalupe Posada.  

“We had a blast working with Espolòn to develop a collection that pulls together modern aspects of Mexican culture and historical influences.” said Caleb Cooper and Matthew Chrones Scott, co-founders and designers at PARANOID. “Everyone has that one t-shirt they love the most and we can’t wait for this new collection to be someone’s new favourite.”