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We offer Custom Sticker & Screen Printing Services

Paranoid is committed to making T Shirt printing in Toronto easy, affordable and fun. We will take care of all your printing needs, including custom T shirts printed in bulk, vinyl sticker printing, DTG full colour printing, large format printing, custom sticker printing, and more. Conveniently located in Downtown Toronto. 

What we offer as a printing company in Toronto

As a printing company serving Toronto and the surrounding area, we offer printing services including screen printing, vinyl heat transfers, custom vinyl stickers, custom stickers, DTG printing, embroidery, vinyl decals, large format printing, merchandise, and accessories.

Screen Printing

Paranoid Print Co. has been a young and flourishing print shop in downtown Toronto since 2015, and we have been receiving nothing but positive reviews from our customers.  When you’re ready to design a custom tee and order a dozen or a thousand, Paranoid is ready with great pricing, personal and knowledgable service, and the ability to send your shirts anywhere in Canada, free of shipping charges.

The Toronto branded apparel scene has always been around, with custom screen printed apparel leading the way for garment decorating techniques.  There is always a demand for merchandise design and branding for Bands, Brands, and Businesses.  In our time doing business in Toronto on the Queen Street West scene, we have come to know several screen printing companies in and around the GTA.  Paranoid Print Company continues to grow steadily, claiming our relevance among the younger generation of Toronto-based and Canadian businesses who appreciate our understanding of trendy and hip branding, attention to detail, personal and transparent customer service, and general understanding of what our clients need. 

Investing in our own line of apparel, improving our knowledge and service one customer at a time, and creating some of the best custom screen printed T-Shirts and Apparel Toronto has to offer has helped Paranoid grow into a main competitor in the Toronto apparel customization game.

Let’s talk about designing apparel online

Sometimes you want to get the job done yourself. Many companies offer online tools for designing your own custom screen printed or DTG printed garments.  We've tried these design tools ourselves, and considered going this route to streamline the process for our customers and keep things flowing in the print shop.  The truth is, many things can go wrong when designing through an online automated system.  We want every one of our customers to walk away completely satisfied with their custom T-Shirt order, so we prefer to work personally with them to get their designs just right before going to print.  We will often suggest design tweaks and carry them out for free if we believe that it will improve the overall appearance and quality of the garments.  If design work is required from scratch, or you need help improving something that is already conceived, our design rates are very competitive and we can often give you a flat rate for graphic design work.  We have spent many years honing our design and illustration skills and we love having the opportunity to work with you to complete your vision.

The Screen Printing Process in our Downtown Toronto Shop

First, we take your design, separate the colours into individual layers and print them as transparencies. Each transparency is placed on a fine mesh screen which has been coated in photosensitive emulsion. When this screen is placed over an intense UV light in our exposure unit, the emulsion is hardened, and the mesh is sealed except for where your design is located.  The emulsion that isn't hardened by the UV light then washes away in our washout booth.  This process is repeated for each colour layer of your design. 

Once the screens are prepared, they are mounted onto our screen printing press. We then line up the blank garments by placing them on palettes attached to the printing press.  Each screen in loaded with its individual colour of screen printing ink, then lowered onto the garment and applied by squeezing the ink through the screen with a squeegee. Some garment designs have a faded retro style which requires less ink, or a thinner viscosity. Other prints have a sharp, crisp design which may require a layer of white ink to be applied beneath the coloured ink layers. 

When the screen printing process is completed, your apparel is placed into a conveyor oven and cooked at a specific temperature to cure the ink. This dries and seals the ink into your clothes, a process that happens quickly but lasts permanently.

The many factors involved and the large setup process is why it’s cheaper to create a clothing design with only one or two colours.  It is also why screen printers offer quantity-based pricing.  A large part of the screen printing process is the screen 'burning' and setup, so the more items you print with the same design, the more you save.  And unlike many screen printing shops in Toronto, all of our screen and setup fees are included in our per-unit pricing, simplifying things for our customers and eliminating the possibility of unexpected or hidden costs.

Screen printing is simply the best, highest quality garment printing technique available, and at Paranoid Print Company, we print everything by hand on a manual screen printing press.  We also print everything ourselves.  With owners of the company hand screen printing every one of your garments themselves, you are assured the very best in quality control, consistency, and accountability.  Our compulsive attention to detail ensures that every piece that leaves our shop is held to the same standards that we apply to our own clothing line.

We can assist you in selecting garments based upon the material, style, and price-point guidelines that you seek. We work directly and transparently with our clients to ensure that they are happy every step of the way. We are a one stop shop for all tasks involved in making custom T-Shirts, from design to delivery.

We believe that Paranoid Print Company is simply your best option for screen printing in Toronto when you are looking for fast, professional service and exceptional customer care.

Located in Downtown Toronto, Paranoid makes your bulk T-Shirt printing easy and convenient.

Get in touch with us now to get started on your custom T shirts.

- Matt & Caleb